What is the best carpet for boat trailer bunks?

Love exotic holidays with your family on the beach?

A picture-perfect scenario - A chilled glass of martini, sun-soaked skin, refreshing Bahamas music being played in the background and of course you are visualising yourself as someone spinning around your favourite white boat in the cool blue waters of the sea.

That’s picturesque of an ideal holiday idea and your boat coming out of the docking zone on a trailer bunk!

But, does this idea of spinning around in the boat and maintaining the boat with associated trailer bunks to the best of their health puts you off with the decision of enjoying an exotic holiday?

Well! Worry no more, this blog post will ensure that you know the best technique to not only take your boat on a good spin but will also inculcate you with the necessary ways to maintain the health of your boat trailer bunk primarily by installing in the best carpet possible on the bunks, because we know maintaining a boat trailer bunk is as essential as buying your first boat.

Installing a carpet on the bunk trailer has always been on the trending list when it comes to maintenance quotient of the same. It not only protects your boat from getting damaged or scratched but also ensures a smooth surface while loading and de-loading of the boat off the trailer bunk.

So, if your bunk has a torn-out carpet or doesn’t has it all and you are looking to buy the new one for the same, here’s a good read on what is the best carpet for you maintaining the boat trailer bunks:

mallard colorr bermuda carpet

  1. Bermuda carpet

    : The popular and the best marine upgrade that you can give across to your boat bunk is the Bermuda carpet. Made of water, oil and dust resistant polypropylene fibre and usually available in 2 different variants of sizes primarily:

- 24” * 14’
- 24” * 100’

These carpets are made specifically to ensure the direct glue down and come with 3 years of warranty along with 20 ounces of face weight. When compared to the pricing structure, this variant comes in price-competitive variants to fit in your budget too.

anchor bunk carpet in VIP red

  1. Anchor carpet:

    The second most popular carpet variant is anchor carpet which is not only mold, mildew resistant but also freshwater and sea water-resistant. Made of a solution-dyed highly tensile polypropylene fibre. 

This set of carpet variant is available in different hues which not only beautifies the look of the bunk but also makes it more attractive to the onlookers. The widely sold variant of anchor carpet is green which matches the feel of flora beneath the waters.

  1. Lancer Boat trailer carpet:

    If durability and ease of change are what you are looking for then lancer boat trailer carpet is the apt choice for your bunk. It is more durable when compared to the other variants and it almost outlasts the associated variants of carpets in the category. 

The prime characteristic of this carpet is that it is backed by a rubber which allows it to get dried in a blink of an eye. It carries a basic feature of being water-resistant and ravel resistance is an additional feature that this variant possesses. Available in two sizes 12” and 24” wide rolls and 4 different tints mainly grey, burgundy, black & blue. 

So, if you are looking for something durable and ravel resistant, a lancer boat trailer carpet should be your first and last choice.

  1. SeasSense trailer bunk carpet:

    If you are wanting to protect your hull against any damage then look further to no options and just opt for Seasense trailer bunk carpet. This carpet is primarily ¼ inch thicker than the usual bunk carpets and is perfect for protecting the hull is a water and weather-resistant variant. 

Available in 12” * 12’ rolls and in one standard black color. It can be cut and customized as per your bunk size and requirement. So, if you are looking for carpet that can allow easy loading and launching of your boat, nothing better but, this is a perfect fit for your needs.

  1. Fulton Trailer bunk carpet:

    Do you have a small or mid-size boat and looking for a sturdy option for protecting your boat bunk trailer? Then, Fulton trailer bunk carpet is a perfect option for your pretty small boat. This variant of carpet is available in 2 sizes 12* 144 inches and 24 *144 inches.

The look and the feel of this bunk carpet is thinner and lighter when compared to other bulkier variants of the bunk carpets. Though, this variant is not as pocket friendly as other variants are but definitely sturdier and thinner looking as compared to other bunk carpets.

So, while all the above options narrate their story of being one of the best for your boat trailer bunks, it is equally important to figure out few of the technicalities involved with buying a perfect fit carpet for your bunk. Here are few of the basic points to keep in mind before buying a perfect carpet for your bunk:

  1. Bunk Measurements

    : Since boat bunks come in various shapes and size it is quintessential to measure the length and breadth of the bunk before buying a perfect carpet for your bunk.
  2. Marine-grade

    : Marine grade is a key component while choosing the carpet for your bunk. Since the bunk will be submerged in the water, it is important to buy a variant which possesses the high quality of being water-resistant and power to withhold the water to the maximum capacity and yet not getting rustic while submerged.
  3. Carpet thickness

    : Usually the carpets come in ¼ thickness. In order to protect a bunk and let your carpet last longer than the stipulated time frame, it is good to double wrap your bunks with carpet.
  4. Perfect colour fit

    : Color matching has always been trending be it matching your clothing with a perfect colour accessorize. Similarly, matching a boat bunk carpet with boat bunk outlook is essential to bewitch the onlooker and user.

So, if you are looking to buy or replace your old bunk carpet with the new one, do keep in mind the above variants of the carpet and point of technicalities before installing.

Happy Bunk carpeting to you!

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